HNIS Welcomes Military Families

Holley Navarre Intermediate is proud to serve the many military families who work and live in our community. We are committed to providing support, resources, and enriching programs to enhance our students’ educational experiences and support their families.

This webpage is designed to provide information to military families relocating to the area or with students already attending HNIS. Please visit our district military resources page for information relevant to all military families at Santa Rosa County District Schools.

HNIS Counselors

Information on the HNIS Guidance Department, and contact information for the guidance counselors can be found HERE.

HNIS also has a CDAC counselor on site. Please contact them by calling the school at 850-936-6020.

Military & Family Life Counselor

The HNIS MFLC can be reached at 850-417-3643.

Any family interested in using the MFLC services can fill out the consent form.

School Liaison Officers

Lacey P. Allen

School Liaison Specialist, Hurlburt Field Child and Youth Education Service

1 SOFSS/FSY, Hurlburt Field, FL

Commercial: (850)884-6938

Cell: (850)280-5766


Facebook: Hurlburt Field Child and Youth Education Services-School Liaison

Exceptional Student Education

If your family has special medical or educational needs, help is available before, during, and after your move. Enrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program provides military families with special needs considerations during the assignment process and access to support services to help navigate the medical and educational system. Click here.



Month of the Military Child and Purple Up Day.


Month of the Military Family and Veterans Day.