The HNIS House System

At HNIS, we have begun using the House System as part of our PBIS school initiative (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). Each of our houses is designed around a positive character trait, with colors and mascots that match the theme of their house. Please review the individual house information below to learn more about your students house!

The Purpose:

The purpose of a school house system is to help teachers, staff members, and students connect with one another and develop closer bonds. In this system, students gain a sense of belonging and feel supported by their peers and our staff, give students a chance to take ownership in their school, and help students learn to self-govern and take ownership in their behavior.


Students may come home telling you they have earned a "point" for their house. Across the school all staff members are able to give house points to students in the categories of academics, service, conduct, attendance, athletic and creative activities- as well as for growth!

Point rewards are as follows:

  • Weekly Winners: The house with the highest number of points earned each week is declared the "weekly winner". These houses are recognized with representation around the school (library decorations, ITV theme is changed to match their house, etc.) and our administrators represent the weekly house on Spirit Tuesdays. Teachers may also provide small incentives in their classroom for students in the weekly winning house.

  • Quarterly Winners: Each quarter the house with the highest number of cumulative points will be rewarded at a school celebration! The theme of this celebration will be announced to the students ahead of time- and on celebration day every student in the winning house gets to gather together and be rewarded for their efforts! Stay tuned for information about the celebration style and dates as we near the end of each quarter. We have a bulletin board outside of the cafeteria that is updates weekly so students can track the competition.

  • Yearly Winners- The House Cup! In May of 2024 the House with the most points will be awarded the Highly Regarded House Cup and will remain the Champion until May of 2025. More information to come in quarter 3!

Quarter 1 Winners
Protos- excellence
Evosa- perseverance
Somnium- exploration
Agapez- compassion
Isibindi- courage
Onesto- Honesty